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Ambit Energy Grid will save you 7% to 30% on your Electric Bill Every month alone, Now combind with The Ambit Power Saver device you now have the ability to save up to 50% dependant upon your State. Some are receiving an electric bill of $0.00mo.  Think thats impossible? well its not and many just like you are doing it, 17 States and counting are deregulating energy, What does this mean for you and your utility bill? Take your time and watch the videos then make the call, You will be glad you did.

As green energy consultants we look at the case study on the various forms of energy cost and what really works that has a proven track record. We educate ourself beyond the call so you get the britest minds working on the very brink of todays technology for you.

Not only can we save you money directly off your bill but now take a look our Ambit energy companys Power Saver it plugs in to your electical breaker box and runs as a energy re-generator which means you will save even more on your bill. (average household saves up to 17-28% on this device alone)

We know for a fact that with our expertise and knowledge you can save up to 55% on your electricity bill simply allow us show you a proven formula that works with most every household and business we consult with We promiss you will be absolutely amazed.

You have nothing to lose, no obligation at all, but most of all this could change your life, get involoved and help people all over the U.S save money each month the rewards are great. Let us show you a proven power saving formula that works and a service that has super value.

Stan is an Electric Engineer that uses the same Ambit Power saving device but does not have Ambit electric service thats why he said his bill went up but his killawatt usage went down. That will not happen if your getting your electricity from our Ambit grid your bill will go down but hear what Stan has to say about it and look at the proof he shows you using his very own electric bill.

SAVE UP TO 28% off your power bill with the Ambit Power Saver device ALONE, Our users have reported savings from 7-28%, But the average reports have been around 18%! Then when you combined The Ambit Electric service with the Ambit Power Saver your Savings Soar up to 50% depending on your State.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed for 1 complete YEAR  

We guarantee this in writing start saving on your electricity bills as soon as you get signed up.  Who makes offers like that? Only Ambitenergycompany.com

Thats right i said "GUARANTEE in WRITING"!! No one does that its insane to even menchin, Right? NO because we put or money where are mouth is, IT Works we love it and we're sure you will love it too.

There is nothing at all to lose and everything to gain give us a call today and let us show you the proof.

20 Year Hardware Product Warranty

Ambit Energy
Enjoy the rewards of knowing your electric bill will now be cut by 7 to 50% no matter if your commercial or residental.

Join the thousands that have started saving money and making money on a great Ambitenergycompany Electric saver 5 star block buster product.

This is a complete win for everyone and the only thing you need to do is get signed up and start making and saving money now.

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